Framingham, MA - Response Microwave, Inc. a global specialist in providing RF/Microwave customer solutions, is pleased to announce the availability of its new product selection guide for precision, high frequency connectors and adaptors operating DC-50GHz. The 24 page brochure provides an overview of corporate capabilities and provides selection tables electrical and mechanical specifications for the new 2.4mm, 2.92mm, 3.5mm, Precision SMA and SSMA families. Connectors are available in flanges or thread-in configurations while adaptors are in and between series. A family of push-on adaptors in N, SMA, 2.4, 2.92 and 3.5 is offered to facilitate testing in lab environments. For more information on this new brochure or to discuss how we can satisfy your application specific requirement, please contact Response Microwave, Inc. at (978) 456-9184,, or by e-mail at; .