Munich, December 2006 — “What we do best is to create innovative products that are not yet available but that everyone dreams of”, explains Josef Wolf, Director of Subdivision Spectrum and Network Analyzers. Rohde & Schwarz now meets almost every requirement with its product portfolio of 33 instruments for spectrum analysis, ranging from the small portable spectrum analyzer to the premium microwave signal analyzer. In 1986, the electronics company successfully entered the field of spectrum analysis with its first spectrum analyzer, the R&S FSA. Since then, the company has continued to fulfill its role as pioneer in developing innovative solutions. Current successes: In 2006, the R&S ESU EMI test receiver speeds up EMC measurements by the factor of 100; and the R&S FSUP is the first instrument to combine the functionalities of a signal source analyzer with those of a spectrum analyzer. For many years, the product segment of spectrum analysis at Rohde & Schwarz has been growing faster than the market, due to the curiosity and courage that is necessary to create new products that transcend limits. The Munich-based electronics specialist sets standards in measurement accuracy, speed, reliability and flexibility on the international market. Rohde & Schwarz tackles the challenge of paving the way to new technologies by providing its customers with future-proof products. A recent example is WiMAX. Rohde & Schwarz has been integrally involved in defining this standard right from the start and also provides a wide range of RF test equipment for development and production applications for the mobile version. UMTS LTE represents the next step: even while Rohde & Schwarz is supporting the definition of the standard, the company already offers a solution for initial developments and research projects. “If you want to position yourself in the technology sector on a permanent basis, it is essential to transcend limits”, states Josef Wolf. “This thinking will enable innovations in the future as well.” The success story began in 1986 with the R&S FSA. Back then, the newcomer set standards in RF performance and eased operation as the first spectrum analyzer on the market to feature a color display. The second generation, the R&S FSE family, enabled for the first time modulation analysis of digitally modulated signals in a high-end spectrum analyzer. The RMS detector redefined the line measurement with modulated signals and was integrated into test specifications for measuring the adjacent channel power, for example. The R&S FSIQ was launched in 1998 and soon established itself on the market as a reference in development for 3GPP FDD.