The CST University Publication Award is an annual grant to university institutes and researchers for their work in the application of 3D EM field simulation. In this its third year, the award attracted double the number of contributions than in 2005, and the quality of the publications was outstanding. Prerequisites for participation are that the papers are authored or co-authored by academic researchers, published either in scientific journals or conference proceedings, and the numerical results are entirely or in part obtained through simulation using CST software products. Submissions are evaluated on a number of criteria including originality of the application or the theory, clarity of presentation, as well as the skilful usage of CST software features. “We were overwhelmed by the number and the quality of entries this year. Contributions describe fascinating and ground breaking applications, thus offering invaluable insight into cutting edge areas of research and a deeper understanding of the demands being made of our software” said Dr. Martin Timm, Product Marketing Manager. “We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who contributed and hope to welcome an even larger number of participants in 2007.” 4 papers have been selected to receive the CST University Publication Award 2006: • J.W. Hand, Y. Li, E.L. Thomas, M.A. Rutherford and J.V. Hajnal "Prediction of Specific Absorption Rate in Mother and Fetus Associated With MRI Examinations During Pregnancy", Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, Wiley-Liss 2006, pp. 883-893 • Maciej Klemm, István Z. Kovcs, Gert F. Pedersen and Gerhard Tröster, "Novel Small-Size Directional Antenna for UWB WBAN/WPAN Applications", IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation, 2005, pp. 3884-3896 • Steven J. Franson and Richard W. Ziolkowski, "Numerical studies of the interaction of timemodulated multi-gigabit sequences with metamaterial structures at millimeter-wave frequencies", International Journal of Numerical Modelling: Electronic Networks, Devices and Fields, 2006, pp. 195-213 • Zhao-Wei Liu, Qi-Huo Wei, and Xiang Zhang, "Surface Plasmon Interference Nanolithography", Nano Letters 2005 Vol. 5 No. 5, pp. 957-961 More information about CST’s university program, the winner of the University Publication Award 2006 and the upcoming award 2007 can be found on the CST corporate website at: