Burnham, UK-November 14, 2006-Aeroflex has announced a single system, turnkey solution for testing 3GPP compliant networks supporting both GAN (Generic Access Network) over 802.11 WLAN and GSM/EGPRS with the addition of an integrated GAN capability to its highly successful 6103 AIME and 6103 AIME/CT mobile terminal protocol test systems. Unlike competitive solutions, which require separate systems for testing GAN and GSM/EGPRS requirements, the Aeroflex 6103 GAN and GSM/EGPRS protocol test capability is fully integrated under a single user interface that provides a single point of control for the configuration and operation of the entire GAN/GSM/EGPRS system as well as the unified test message logging for all the cellular and GAN protocol layers. Test scenarios can be automated to run without operator assistance and the system can be controlled remotely from a manufacturer's automated test manager. The Aeroflex 6103 AIME and 6103 AIME/CT mobile terminal protocol test systems provide a powerful, flexible and comprehensive environment to support the GSM/EGRPS protocol development lifecycle from DSP implementation through protocol development, integration and regression testing to conformance testing. In order to speed up test times, large numbers of test cases can be run as a campaign. The 6103 AIME/CT also supports the functionality to create a comprehensive mix of test cases, such as GAN, but also including GSM, GPRS, EGPRS, AMR, DARP and DTM allowing users to create a full regression test plan that can be run every time new software is built and flashed into a prototype device. Ideal for early R&D requirements to test functionality for protocol development and regression testing prior to certification testing, the Aeroflex 6103 AIME system now additionally supports integrated GAN testing in either a single test set configuration with GSM/GPRS or up to eight integrated test sets including other requirements such as EGPRS, AMR, DARP and DTM. In addition to providing support for a full GAN implementation, the Aeroflex 6103 AIME/CT can provide support for the complete suite of 83 GAN test cases, listed in 3GPP TS51.101 sections 81, 82 and 83, to facilitate pre-compliance and certification testing of GAN devices. The systems will also support all of the mandatory Crypto schemes such as EAP SIM and IKEv2. "Quality testing results are essential to ensure rapid roll-out of devices and the lowest possible downgrade rate at GCF and PTCRB. Unifying GAN/GSM/EGPRS protocol testing for both R&D and conformance requirements in a single, integrated system not only greatly improves the ease of testing but also significantly reduces testing risk," said Dan Quant, Product Marketing Manager, Aeroflex Test Solutions. "The addition of GAN test capability to the well-proven and established Aeroflex 6103 AIME and 6103 AIME/CT provides the first available integrated solution in a single system." Often marketed as UMA (Unlicensed Mobile Access), GAN is a 3GPP release 6 feature that enables mobile terminals equipped with a second wireless transceiver such as 802.11g to register through a second IP-based connection, such as WLAN, as well as through a cellular protocol stack. In addition to shipping as an option to all new Aeroflex 6103 AIME and 6103 AIME/CT systems, the GAN capability is available as a software/hardware upgrade for all existing systems. The GAN capability requires the addition of two 802.11b/g Access Points and a second PC running Linux to emulate a Security Gateway (SeGW). Price and availability The GAN and GSM/EGPRS capability is available for immediate delivery. The Aeroflex 6103 AIME and 6103 AIME/CT mobile terminal protocol test systems are highly configurable. For pricing for specific test applications, contact Aeroflex Sales at (800) 835-2352.