SANTA CLARA, Calif., Nov. 2, 2006 -- Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) today announced availability of the next major release of its GENESYS RF and Microwave Design software. The new release includes modeling of oscillator phase noise, along with many performance enhancements that make this the fastest and most accurate GENESYS release ever. "During the past year, we've introduced more than 300 new features in GENESYS," said Frank Vincze, product marketing manager with Agilent's EEsof EDA division. "Customers have commented that the new GENESYS has a more intuitive interface, and that schematics are easier to create. The use of data sets and the ability to use equations locally and globally greatly improve analysis and post-processing of simulation results." The modeling of oscillator phase noise, as well as mixer and amplifier nonlinear noise characteristics, is now included with HARBEC (the GENESYS harmonic balance simulator). These new modeling capabilities provide critical performance measures for successful design. SPECTRASYS, the RF system architect in GENESYS, now supports not only phase noise, but also non-50-ohm impedances, sub-circuits and many sophisticated models such as mixers with spur tables and analog-to-digital converters. The HARBEC simulator is faster, better-performing and more accurate than in the previous release. In addition, the Agilent GENESYS 2006.10 release includes: Faster simulations -- All simulations run 3-15 percent faster than the previous release. DC analysis provides as much as a 10:1 speed improvement compared with GENESYS 2004.07. Better linear analysis -- Linear analysis is more accurate, creates persistent data sets and has an improved equation processor. Model improvements to MCURV, MIDCAP, AIRIND2, Stripline bend, MCR and Stripline tee -- A new 2-port dataset part was also added, and dataset models now support Y-parameter input. New ConvertToQrtrGrid script -- This script converts all symbols on a schematic to a quarter-grid for schematic and synthesis designs, allowing for alternate component alignment. Substrate sets in designs -- A substrate set can be included in the design, and models can have private substrates. This Agilent GENESYS software release is available for immediate download. Supported users are encouraged to visit to download the latest version or to request a product evaluation.