( BW)(PA-ANSOFT-CORP/NOVAS)(ANST) Ansoft Joins Novas Harmony Partner Program; Nexxim Integrates With Novas' Verdi Debug System for Rapid Viewing and Exchange of Verification Results Business Editors BOSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 19, 2006--Ansoft Corporation (NASDAQ:ANST) has collaborated with Novas Software Inc. to integrate Nexxim(R), Ansoft's circuit simulation software for high-performance IC design, with Novas' Verdi(TM) Automated Debug System to create an enhanced verification solution. The integration ensures that Nexxim circuit simulation results are readily available in Novas' open Fast Signal Database (FSDB) format, linking Nexxim's high-capacity, high-accuracy, circuit simulations with Verdi's comprehensive debug platform. Designers can use Verdi to analyze the simulation results and gain insight into complex circuit behavior. "Integrating our Nexxim high-speed circuit simulation technology with Novas' advanced debug technology significantly accelerates design verification and debug for our mutual customers," said Eiji Nakamoto, vice president, Ansoft Japan. "Nexxim solves large circuit designs, resulting in large data sets; Verdi provides efficient handling of these large data sets. Combining the two provides a powerful IC design solution." "The integration of Nexxim and Verdi continues our ongoing effort to provide debug solutions across a wide range of verification tasks," said George Bakewell, director of product marketing at Novas Software. "As a result of this partnership, our mutual customers can efficiently debug and analyze the behavior of large circuits verified with leading-edge circuit simulation technology." Novas' FSDB format, a core element of the Verdi architecture, enables fast dumping of simulation results combined with efficient storage and rapid viewing of large result databases. It is used as a common interchange format for exchanging SoC verification results among premier IC design houses and their customers around the world. CONTACT: Ansoft Corporation Mark Ravenstahl, 412-261-3200 FAX: 412-471-9427 EMAIL: mravenstahl@ansoft.com