Computer Simulation Technology (CST) announced an interface between the CST MICROWAVE STUDIO® (CST MWS) simulation tool and Applied Wave Research’s (AWR®) Microwave Office® circuit design software.

Design and development engineers working on applications such as signal integrity, packaging and RF module design are expected to benefit from a simplified design flow and a significant speed-up in the analysis and characterization of designs. The interface between the two open design environments will enable users to export layout data easily into CST MWS, add 3D components, and re-import S-parameters into their circuit model. This will save valuable working time as design engineers will no longer need to shuffle models and results manually back and forth.

"The announced interface is a further step in CST's strategy to deliver leading 3D EM technology combined with best-in-class connections to neighboured simulation areas", said Dr. Martin Timm, CST’s product marketing manager. "Our tight integration with Agilent ADS has been very well received by the market and we are expecting an extremely positive response for the AWR Microwave Office and CST MICROWAVE STUDIO interface."

The interface will be available without additional charge for all customers using CST MICROWAVE STUDIO 2006B and Microwave Office 2006. A prototype is on display at booth #1329. Delivery of the interface is expected in Q3 2006.