PITTSBURGH - August 9, 2005 - Ansoft Corporation (NASDAQ: ANST) today released a Microsoft Windows® XP Professional x64 version of HFS⅓" v10, the industry-leading electromagnetic (EM) field simulation software for RF/microwave and high-speed digital design. The migration of Ansoft electromagnetic technology to a 64-bit operating system delivers additional capacity and speed to the simulation of high-performance electronic designs.

"Understanding the electromagnetic physics of an electronic design is crucial to achieving first-time success," said Zoltan Cendes, chairman and chief technology officer of Ansoft Corporation. "Ansoft's support of 64-bit operating systems delivers the speed and capacity to solve the complex components characteristic of today's most challenging electronic designs and allows engineers to realize a true simulation-based design cycle."

Support for Windows XP Professional x64 removes the memory limitations inherent to 32-bit personal computers. HFSS users can expect to save engineering time by accessing the additional resources the 64-bit PC hardware and O/S environments have to offer. Ansoft customers will continue to accurately extract and simulate electrical models within HFSS while making use of the additional computer resources to solve even larger electrical components or performing additional parametric studies and optimization. In addition to HFSS, Ansoft's Q3D Extractor® v7, for 3D RLC parasitic extraction, and Maxwell® v11, for 3D electromechanical analysis, also will be released for this 64-bit operating system during the second half of this year.

HFSS is the electronic-design industry's standard software for 3D electromagnetic design and analysis. Engineers throughout the world use HFSS to design leading-edge devices, such as radio frequency (RF) and microwave components, antennas and arrays, high-speed integrated circuits (ICs), printed circuit boards (PCBs) and IC packages. HFSS significantly reduces engineering time while improving the performance and reducing the manufacturing cost of these devices.