TTP Communications plc and Analog Devices Inc. (ADI) today announced that TTPCom’s subsidiary TTPCom Ltd. has reached an agreement with ADI — its long time collaborator in the development of silicon and software for cellular phones — under which TTPCom will transfer to ADI intellectual property, engineering resources and related assets associated with the support and customization of TTPCom GSM/GPRS/EDGE modem software specifically for use on ADI products. The agreement grants ADI the right to directly distribute TTPCom’s modem software for use on ADI SoftFone baseband products and provides development rights for AJAR, TTPCom’s advanced applications platform. This agreement is designed to simplify wireless device development for customers by consolidating the resources involved in the licensing and customization of SoftFone-based hardware and software at one company, ADI.

Tony Milbourn, managing director of TTP Communications plc, commented, "This agreement is the transaction that we hoped to complete in our previous financial year. It represents the next step in our relationship — it allows ADI more freedom to close and support deals directly with the end customer, and it allows TTPCom more freedom to get maximum reuse from our software."

Christian Kermarrec, vice president, RF and wireless systems, Analog Devices Inc., said, "This agreement enables us to provide additional service to our customers by providing a single point of contact dedicated to individual customer needs and by accelerating the availability of integrated hardware/software solutions that support new features and new generations of our SoftFone baseband chipsets."

The value of the agreement is approximately $23 M payable in cash, of which $11 M will be paid at closing with the balance payable after the completion of certain technical milestones. Closing is expected to occur within four to six weeks.