Since founding UltraSource in 1991 I’ve learned private growth takes patience. And even the best leaders can’t plan for everything. They just know how to react. Our Lean story is about a transformation--from thin film supplier--to ultra-efficient electronics partner, and the shakeups along the way that inspired me to adapt my business for the future. I hope it inspires you.

First, a primer
While Lean Manufacturing has been around for some time, here’s a quick primer and something to keep in mind before heading down the road to Lean yourself.

Lean Manufacturing, or TPS, was developed by Toyota Motor Corporation as a means to solve its operational and organizational problems and eliminate waste wherever it could be found. It’s a factory-wide philosophy that each and every human and mechanical process can be improved to better serve the customer. The net result is a constantly evolving operation that strives to replace wasteful practices wherever and whenever possible with ultra-efficient, documented procedures.

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