Accurate Co-Simulation of Surface-Mount Capacitors in Shunt Configurations
Luis Ledezma USF, Tom Weller Modelithics and Joe Robin Motorola Solutions

Head to Head: NI PXIe-5665 Versus Traditional Boxed Instruments
White Paper, National Instruments

Comparative Study of an Open Waveguide. Application to Deconvolution of a Magnetic Probe in Near-Field Zone
Presented by COMSOL

Integrated LNA Serves Base Station Needs
Chin-Leong Lim, Avago Technologies

AWR’s Visual System Simulator Co-simulates with NI’s LabVIEW for Enhanced Signal Processing Capabilities
White Paper, AWR Corp.

Bandwidth vs. Efficiency Trades in RF Amplifier Design
Greg Ramon, QinetiQ of North America

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