Modelithics Inc. has released the latest version of its linear and nonlinear system level model libraries for RF, microwave and millimeter-wave device and components.

The Modelithics COMPLETE Library version 8.0 for AWR’s Microwave Office™ software introduces 46 new Global Models for passive RLCs, and 18 new nonlinear models for diodes, switches, amplifiers and transistors. Nearly all of the existing models for use with AWR’s Microwave Office software have been updated with significant enhancements to enable full compatibility with AWR’s APLAC® nonlinear circuit simulation technology.

Version 8.0 also introduces a new measurement-derived substrate library. The enhanced APLAC compatibility as well as the new Substrate Library were added in response to designer requests to improve the convenience, accuracy and flexibility of their AWR simulations with Modelithics' models.