Harris Corp. has received $5.6 M in orders to provide Falcon II® radios that will deliver high performance tactical communications to an international customer’s armed forces. The orders include Falcon II RF-5800H high-frequency (HF) and RF-5800V very high frequency (VHF) radios.

The RF-5800H is part of the most fully integrated HF radio family in the world. The radio delivers beyond line-of-sight terrestrial communications in the most demanding environments and provides advanced features such as Third Generation-Automatic Link Establishment (3G-ALE), integrated data link protocols and embedded GPS receivers.

The RF-5800V VHF handheld is a lightweight digital combat net radio for squad-level communications. The radio provides frequency-hopping using Quicklook 1A, secure digital voice, advanced repeater capabilities and Citadel II encryption.

“These orders are part of a multi-year contract supporting this customer’s tactical radio modernization program,” said Brendan O’Connell, President, International Business, Harris RF Communications. “Our radios and systems provide defense forces around the world with highly reliable and secure tactical communications for peace keeping missions and combat operations.”