RichardsonRFPD Inc. announces immediate availability of four new high linearity driver amplifiers from TriQuint Semiconductor. These InGaP/GaAs HBT semiconductor devices deliver high performance across abroad range of frequencies. The TQP7M9101, TQP7M9102, TQP7M9103and TQP7M9104 are targeted for use in 3G/4G wireless infrastructure, general purpose wireless, and aerospace and defense systems where high linearity, medium power and high efficiency are required. This rare combination of high performance makes these devices excellent driver amplifier candidates for both current and next-generation RF transceiver applications.

These innovative RF solutions incorporate on-chip features that differentiate them from other similar products in the market. Each of these amplifiers integrates on-chip DC over-voltage and RF overdrive protection. This feature protects the amplifiers from electrical DC voltage surges and high RF input power levels that may occur in a system. In addition, specially designed on-chip ESD protection allows the amplifiers to have very robust Class 2 (TQP7M9103, TQP7M9102 and TQP7M9103) and Class 1C (TQP7M9104) HBM ESD ratings.