Nujira has become a Contributor Member in the newly formed Envelope Tracking Subgroup of the MIPI® Alliance Analog Control Interface Working Group. The Subgroup will focus on developing MIPI Specifications that facilitate wider adoption of this energy saving technology in smartphones and other mobile devices.

The Envelope Tracking Subgroup was formed to create and maintain a specification for the interface between the Transmitter and the ET Power Supply which supports the relevant 3GPP standards and other or future radio interfaces, and is backwards compatible with existing power schemes. It is a subgroup of the Analog Control Interface Working Group, one of 16 MIPI working groups, which is chartered to develop control interface specifications which impact analog chip-to-chip connections.

In addition to Nujira, members of the Subgroup include Anadigics, Intel, Motorola Mobility, Nokia, Panasonic, Peregrine Semiconductor, Qualcomm, Quantance, Renesas, RFMD, Skyworks, ST-Ericsson, and Texas Instruments. Nujira has been a member of the MIPI Alliance since 2010 and was earlier this year invited to become a Contributor Member of the Alliance to participate in the Investigation Group that led to the formation of the Envelope Tracking Subgroup.

Welcoming the formation of the group, Nujira CEO Tim Haynes said, "Nujira is a firm believer in open industry standards, which can significantly speed adoption of new technologies such as Envelope Tracking into the handset ecosystem. We have been working for some time with many leading vendors to enable ET support in their 3G and 4G chipsets, and we believe the MIPI ET Subgroup will be instrumental in further validating Envelope Tracking as the enabling technology for truly global LTE devices.

Haynes added, “As an active participant in the Investigation Group which led to its formation, we look forward to contributing to this crucial additional forum to help the industry standardize on a single, interoperable interface. Nujira sees this as a further step in the widespread adoption of Envelope Tracking as a standard feature in LTE chipsets for smartphones, tablets, and data terminals."