QinetiQ has been awarded a £2.5 M, 12 month UK MoD contract to deliver an integrated and modular, mobile command and control system. The system is based on field proven COTS components all integrated into a number of commercial vehicles; to form distinct, totally secure IT communications nodes. With a proven, modular, resilient and distributed architecture, the systems have been designed with a 10 year service life and can be rapidly deployed and redeployed where and whenever needed.

This new contract builds upon QinetiQ's four year track record of supplying and supporting fielded mobile command and control systems as well as providing the command and control infrastructure to support the annual Coalition (UK, US, NZ, CAN, AUS and NATO) Warfighter Interoperability Demonstration (CWID).

Solution risk is minimized by leveraging the MoD's previous investment in communications systems and QinetiQ's technical knowledge and practical know how. The use of COTS technologies with a proven secure and accredited architecture means that the system is compatible with other government departments.

"This solution means that these vehicles can be driven to wherever a complete user friendly, fully operational, optimized communication network node needs to be quickly established," said Peter Baynham, managing director of QinetiQ's Command & Intelligence Systems business. "Once unpacked, specialist staff then need only to turn up at the designated location, plug in and they can then securely communicate back to their central location, confident that they have secure access to all the systems and files they require to deal with the scenario they face."