RF Industries' RadioMobile Division announced the award of a $2.6 M contract from the Los Angeles County Fire Department for the implementation of a wireless system upgrade to the County Fire Department's existing remote communications equipment.

"This is a major step forward for RadioMobile's wireless offerings in the public safety market, including police, fire, emergency and private wireless. This project represents a significant opportunity for RadioMobile to expand its wireless technology and maintenance services to the public sector," said Howard Hill, RFI's Chief Executive Officer.

Jim Moore, President of RadioMobile said, "The Los Angeles County Fire Department presented RadioMobile with a unique challenge. The County's wireless infrastructure system needed to be upgraded from its 1985 technology base to today's demanding data requirements without interruption. RadioMobile has the unique ability to replicate the County's existing technology and simultaneously implement a high speed data solution satisfying FCC Narrowband requirements. We will perform this wireless upgrade without downtime, without interrupting emergency services and without the provision of additional frequencies or wireless sites during the transition period. The County will also benefit from the ability of our mobile applications to exactly mimic their current Cathode Ray Tube-based 1985 functions, thereby eliminating retraining expenses for thousands of fire personnel. With the Federal Communications Commission mandating conversion to narrow band transmission by December 31, 2012, we believe the Los Angeles County Fire Department discovered that RadioMobile's capability to upgrade their network was unmatched in the mobile wireless industry."