EMC Test Software
AR's SW1007 EMC test software combines radiated susceptibility and conducted immunity testing into one package to offer more control and a more intuitive interface. Built-in standards include IEC, MIL-STD, DO160, automotive standards and the ability to create your own test standards. The software has the ability to control more equipment and the report-generating feature has been enhanced to offer more control and customization.
AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation
Souderton, PA
(215) 723-8181

Library for GaAs, GaN RF Devices
AWR Corp., an innovation leader in high frequency EDA, announced the availability of a Microwave Office™ model library for Mitsubishi Electric's nonlinear GaAs and GaN RF devices. The model library includes high power and low noise HEMT devices, which are commonly used in base station and DBS receivers and other radio communications equipment, given their high power, high efficiency, broadband and low noise advantages. This new model library helps designers better explore design alternatives while meeting demanding performance specs with a cost-effective solution.
AWR Corp.
El Segundo, CA
(310) 726-3000

Acoustics Module Upgrade
COMSOL Inc. released a major upgrade of its add-on Acoustics Module for its flagship product COMSOL Multiphysics. This latest version of the Acoustics Module offers new capabilities and expanded multiphysics user interfaces for simulating thermoacoustic effects, poroelastic waves, acoustic-shell interactions, and piezo-acoustic devices. Additional application areas for the Acoustics Module include speakers, microphones, and sonar devices as well as noise control in areas such as muffler design, sound barriers and building acoustics. The module's physics interfaces provide easy-to-use tools to model acoustic pressure wave propagation in air, water and other fluids.
Burlington, MA
(781) 273-3322

Cavity™ Software
Damaskos Inc. (DI) Cavity™ Software has been expanded to include TE-01p mode cavities. This complements other types, such as Open Resonator, Courtney, Thin Sheet Tester, Harmonic Stripline, and Circular Cavities, which have been part of the software for many years. The TE-01p modes are valuable, as sample contact with the cavity walls is not important in order to obtain accurate results. The circular disc-like samples are easy to prepare and to load into the cavity. Cavity software works with automated network analyzers from the three major analyzer manufacturers.
Damaskos Inc.
Concordville, PA
(610) 358-0200

Modelithics Library Version 8.0
Modelithics Inc. has released an enhanced version of its linear and non-linear device and system level component model Libraries. The Modelithics Library version 8.0 encompasses all four of Modelithics popular CLR, NLT, NLD and SLC Sub-Libraries™ and is now compatible with Agilent ADS 2011. This upgrade introduces 46 new Global Models for passive RLCs, and nonlinear models for diode, switch, amplifier and transistors. Version 8.0 also includes performance upgrades for more than 90 of library models – ensuring designers have the most accurate models available in the RF/microwave industry. Designers can download the free model library, Modelithics SELECT™ from www.modelithics.com.
Modelithics Inc.
Tampa, FL
(888) 359-6359

PCB Software
Numerical Innovations (NI) announced the release of its new product: "DFM Now!™" DFM Now! allows PCB designers and engineers to verify that their Gerber and Drill files are ready for PCB manufacturing. It also facilitates PCB quotation and has many other high end CAM features only found in software costing thousands of dollars. DFM Now! is being offered free, supported by advertising sponsorships (a new concept for the PCB software industry), and may be downloaded from www.dfmnow.com.
Numerical Innovations
San Diego, CA
(800) 269-5054

Wireless InSite EM Propagation Software
Remcom announces a new version of Wireless InSite®, its suite of ray-tracing models and 2D field solvers for the analysis of site-specific radio propagation and wireless communication systems. This major point release, which updates the product to Release 2.6, includes important performance enhancements and new modeling capabilities. Most notable are the introduction of the X3D Ray Model with multi-threading and XStream® GPU acceleration, as well as the extension of XStream technology to the Moving Window FDTD (MWFDTD) model. As with Remcom's XFdtd® software, XStream will be bundled at no additional cost with the new release of Wireless InSite.
State College, PA
(814) 861-1299

3D Planar EM Software
Sonnet Software introduces the latest in its 3D planar EM software, the Sonnet Suites Release 13, featuring up to 3× faster analysis for large circuits, efficient micro-via array meshing, enhanced integration to its high frequency EDA design framework partners and introducing diagonal ports and components. In Release 13, Sonnet's entry-level EM software suites have been revamped to double the allowed memory from previous releases and offer more features than ever before.
Sonnet Software
North Syracuse, NY
(877) 776-6638