EB, Elektrobit Corp., a developer of cutting-edge embedded technology solutions for automotive and wireless industries, announced a partnership with Analytical Graphics Inc. (AGI) to use its STK® software, which models and visualizes complex terrestrial and airborne communication scenarios.

STK, a mission-proven software application for modeling, engineering and operations of space, cyberspace, C4ISR, UAVs, missile defense and electronic systems, allows users to export data files, which EB Propsim® F8 can directly utilize in mission planning trials and for predicting the system performance with real radio equipment hooked.

EB Propsim F8 radio channel emulator is a laboratory test device capable of creating real-time fading between real radio devices in lab conditions. In action, this simple process looks like this: the user creates a scenario with STK software, loads it into EB Propsim F8 hardware and runs the scenario, allowing accurate and repeatable test conditions.

Through EB Propsim, AGI provides direct access to satellite orbit data and a variety of other modeling and analysis tools to plan scenarios for real time testing. This makes the test case planning much faster and more realistic and concrete than ever before. The benefit of turning software simulations into test cases with real radios is visibility to implementation quality. This enables verification of how the real radios and network will perform in algorithm and hardware implementation.

EB Propsim F8 with STK software allows seamless flow from simulations to lab testing, enabling improved feedback and R&D experience. Testing in several different environments and in different interference situations can be carried out in an hour without ever leaving the laboratory. The highest amount of fading channels, best dynamic range and RF performance in the market now combined with powerful STK software brings the virtual field tests to a new era.

"We are pleased that EB has chosen our STK platform for its F8 radio channel emulator. Virtual field testing saves time and quickly delivers the newest technology to the end user. Just as important, it is the efficient and cost-effective approach to delivering capabilities that our government leaders are demanding," says Kevin Flood, AGI's Vice President of Product Management and Support.

"The benefit of this is that in field conditions, where failure is not an option, the radio communication will work without surprises," says Jari Heinänen, Director at EB. "AGI's STK linked to EB Propsim F8 improves usability, providing access to orbit and satellite data and 3D terrain databases. The combined STK and EB Propsim F8 testing solution helps users verify critical communication systems before actual missions. This reduces the risk for mission failure and cost due to mission re-planning."

Elektrobit will be at Milcom 2011 from November 7 to 10 in Baltimore, MD, in booth 1814.