Microsemi Corp. launched the first in a family of complete SATA storage systems for secure embedded defense applications. The compact MSM37 and MSM75 solutions are each packaged as a single 32 x 28 mm 522 plastic ball grid array (PBGA) and provide up to 75 gigabytes (GB) of NAND flash solid state storage. The combination of these features makes the devices ideal for applications where a full-size 2.5 inch storage device is too large.

Advanced security features include AES-128 encryption, self-destruct capability and whole-module erase with "push-button" trigger option, which are essential for mission-critical defense and aerospace applications, ruggedized mobile systems, surveillance, avionics, navigation and ruggedized portable storage solutions.

"Our ability to miniaturize microelectronics systems has proven to be a key advantage in defense applications where SWaP solutions are critical," said Jack Bogdanski, Director of Marketing for Microsemi. "Offering a complete solid state storage system in a compact module allows designers to add more features to their systems, while supporting key security features that are increasingly important to our defense and aerospace customers."

The BGA package, available in 37 and 75 GB densities, combines a SATA flash controller with the latest in small geometry single line cell (SLC) NAND flash. The device includes a single supply with extended hold-up time without super caps or batteries. The BGA saves up to 60 percent board space when compared with a similar PCB design.