Defense and security company Saab and its American subsidiary Saab Sensis Corp. has been awarded contracts to supply the Sea Giraffe Agile Multi-Beam (AMB) multi-role naval surveillance radar as part of the US Navy’s Littoral Combat Ship Program.

The Sea Giraffe AMB 3D naval surveillance radar provides medium-range, multi-mission capability including 3D surveillance of simultaneous air and surface targets and weapons. It also provides the proven, mature capabilities for periscope detection and splash spotting. Advanced signal processing allows the system to repeatedly demonstrate highly reliable detection of very small targets such as sea skimmers, anti-ship and anti-radiation missiles, small UAVs, mortars and swarming small craft. The system is suitable for all typical naval environments including littoral and blue-water operations.

Saab Sensis manages the US Baseline of Sea Giraffe AMB. Under the contract the company will provide US based program management hardware and software adaptations, system integration, testing, and total lifecycle support to General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems in support of the LCS program.

As the platform system engineering agent, General Dynamics is responsible for the design, integration and testing of the ship's combat and seaframe control systems. The company’s combat and seaframe control systems are based on an open architecture computing infrastructure, known as OPEN CI.

“This is an important breakthrough for our naval radar system in the US and we are very proud to have been selected to be part of the LCS team. The selection of Saab to provide our Sea Giraffe AMB to the newest and most modern ships in service with the US Navy is a testament to the capabilities of our system as well as Saab as a radar supplier,” said Micael Johansson, Senior Vice President and Head of Saab’s business area Electronic Defense Systems.