A.T. Wall Co., a world-class supplier of superior precision tubing and fabricated metal components, will feature a variety of products at European Microwave Week, October 11-14, booth 538, at Manchester Central, in Manchester, UK. The company, which is celebrating its 125th year in business, plans to showcase its full line of waveguide products, as well as frames for microelectronic packaging.

Due to increasing customer demand in Europe, A.T. Wall has added support from European sales representatives and opened a new European warehouse facility, which is staffed by international freight and transportation logistics specialists Triple Logistics and Oceanair. The European warehouse stocks a variety of waveguide, reducing transportation costs and delivery times. Recently, the warehouse has expanded its stock due to increased demand for large orders.

A.T. Wall’s full line of waveguide products include: rigid rectangular, circular, flexible, seamless flexible, and flexible twistable. In addition to tubing, the company also offers components for all these flexible waveguide types. Thin wall aluminum waveguide and seamless flexible waveguide are applicable to airborne systems and space in all satellite applications. Systems designed with aluminum tubes with ½ of or less of the standard wall thickness and performance of heavier walled products allow engineers to save thousands of dollars in a launch. Flexible waveguide also saves the customer money by reducing space needs with its ability to be bent to fit into small spaces.

A.T. Wall will also feature side wall frames for hybrid microelectronic circuit packages used in defense, commercial electronics and medical applications worldwide. These tubular frames serve as side walls for hermetically sealed flat packs that demand restrictive dimensional tolerance and precise metallurgical qualities. A.T. Wall utilizes a unique manufacturing process involving hydraulic press forming of nickel alloy plate circles into cups, followed by traditional tube annealing, cold drawing and cutting to size.