K&L Microwave Inc. makes available its Filter Wizard™ service to enable engineers to shorten RF and microwave filter design cycles. The state-of-the-art, web-based solution helps design engineers effectively select and confirm the feasibility of RF and microwave filter products for applications, from defense, telecommunications and aerospace. Design engineers can utilize the free service by visiting www.klfilterwizard.com. Filter Wizard is utilized for front-end design efforts as well as re-designs or general testing purposes. The on-line application provides companies with a significant competitive advantage by eliminating specification errors and freeing up valuable engineering resources.

“Within minutes, the Filter Wizard enables engineers to test their design capabilities, select the best product for the application and obtain an accurate quote,” says Greg Carmean, director of sales and marketing for K&L Microwave. “This time savings not only shaves days off the typical quoting process, but also enables clearer communication to ensure accurate end results.”

Alan Elmer, senior RF engineer for Rockwell Collins, relates that he uses Filter Wizard to obtain low cost solutions for off-the-shelf parts. “I’m currently using Filter Wizard for a new product that I’m developing,” he states. “Once I entered my filter specifications into Filter Wizard, the program responded almost immediately with a number of filter options that met my electrical parameters.”

Filter Wizard works in a simple four-step process. After visiting www.klfilterwizard.com, the initial phase prompts engineers to enter the suitable frequency level for their specific applications. The program enables engineers to input performance frequency levels from DC to 40 GHz; frequency levels beyond this range are directed to a K&L representative, who then determines an appropriate solution.

Once the frequency has been submitted, the program produces a roster of possible filters. Applicable filters are further broken down by shape, size and cost, thereby allowing engineers to select the most appropriate and cost-effective solution. After a filter has been selected, Filter Wizard provides the performance plots and data used in the physical product design. Final entry is directed to K&L, where a quote is issued.