The global market for RF power semiconductors used in broadcasting is being driven by the current explosion in digital broadcasting, primarily from DTV. This market is expected to remain healthy and steady for the next decade.

Historically this market has been viewed as flat and not very exciting. That, it turns out, is an error. DTV and FM broadcasting are still expanding at a measured, but nevertheless positive rate. This market is being powered by the advance of digital broadcasting, both television and radio, but especially TV. The total demand for RF power semiconductors for broadcasting looks promising for the next 10 years. Regionally, growth will be driven by the phased switchover to digital TV as it occurs in different countries.

ABI Research's new report, "RF Power Semiconductors for Broadcast Applications" examines the major sub-segments of terrestrial broadcasting services for both sound and video, and drills down to show how the evolution of digital broadcast services will affect the RF power semiconductor devices that are used in transmitters for new and existing applications.