Remcom announces a new version of Wireless InSite®, its suite of ray-tracing models and 2D field solvers for the analysis of site-specific radio propagation and wireless communication systems. This major point release, which updates the product to Release 2.6, includes important performance enhancements and new modeling capabilities. Most notable are the introduction of the X3D Ray Model with multi-threading and XStream® GPU acceleration, as well as the extension of XStream technology to the Moving Window FDTD (MWFDTD) model. As with Remcom’s XFdtd® software, XStream will be bundled at no additional cost with the new release of Wireless InSite.

Ryan Ohs, Product Manager for Wireless InSite, said, “Drawing on our experience with running FDTD calculations on graphic processing units, we are able to extend GPU computational power to two of Wireless InSite's propagation models.”

The X3D Ray Model relies on XStream to accelerate ray tracing while using multi-threading to increase the speed of ray path evaluation; MWFDTD high fidelity propagation calculations also now use XStream.

“Utilizing GPU acceleration dramatically reduces calculation times,” Ohs added. “This will allow users to run more simulations, providing additional confidence in their design and planning decisions.”

Wireless InSite also includes several new modeling capabilities:

•Complex antennas in MWFDTD

•Data Throughput Toolbox for WiMAX and LTE

•Ground bounce effects added to Wireless InSite Real Time

•Exact path correction in X3D Ray Model, providing speed of SBR but geometric accuracy of image theory

•Atmospheric absorption in X3D Ray Model, extending to 100 GHz

•New post-processing of multiple transmitter results

There are three versions of Wireless InSite 2.6 to meet varying needs. The Standard version provides detailed estimates and numerous characteristics of the signal and channel. In addition, it includes options for detailed urban (indoor and outdoor) and longer-range propagation over rough terrain. The Real Time version balances fidelity and speed, providing estimates at a tiny fraction of the run time (calculates point-to-point links in less than a millisecond). The Professional version bundles Wireless InSite Standard with Real Time. Both the Standard and Real Time versions offer Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to a subset of their models, allowing users to develop their own custom applications and call Remcom’s powerful propagation models through plug-in DLLs. Flexible run-time licensing terms can be negotiated for partners interested in reselling products that use Wireless InSite propagation models through its APIs.