Paciwave has developed a new family of ultra low loss PIN diode RF switches for military and instrumentation applications that feature high switching speed, high isolation and excellent VSWR. The model PSW10-0119-31-11 is a SP10T switch that covers the RF band from 1.5 to 18.5 GHz, is TTL controlled by Paciwave designed integral driver, has insertion loss of 4.0 dB maximum (3.6 dB typical), isolation of 80 dB minimum (85 dB typical), is reflective and has a switching speed of 30 ns typical. Power handling is on the order of +30 dBm CW, +33 dBm peak. Port return loss is 10 dB maximum, 15 dB typical.

The unit is powered by ±5 VDC. Options include absorptive operation, higher power handling and low video transients. The unit is housed in a compact radial package measuring roughly 2.4 inches in diameter by 0.28 inches thick, which allows for optimally short internal transmission line lengths to optimize port to port phase and amplitude matching. Matching is within ±0.5 dB port to port on amplitude and ±10° on the phase at the high end of the band. Operating temperature range is -40° to +85°C and the unit can be hermetically sealed.

Paciwave has spent the last 16 years optimizing and refining its circuits, materials and processes and now is able to offer customers some of the best-performing switches on the market. Paciwave's ultra low loss switch technology is available throughout the entire line of switches from SP1T to SPNT, covering all the common frequency bands up to 40 GHz. Paciwave's switch-related products, such as matrices, filter banks, calibration modules and integrated microwave assemblies, also feature ultra low loss switch technology.

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