Has this Summer been hot enough for ya? Well, if the record temperatures have you laying low inside an air-conditioned office, the Journal has some additional relief from the heat with some very cool editorial. On the heels of our very successful Military Microwaves Supplement in August (our largest supplement ever!), we continue looking at aerospace, defense and government funded electronics through September and October. In September we examine global defense markets in light of recent political austerity measures. In October we focus on some of the leading technologies and defense/security systems currently in development. Here's a more detailed look at what's ahead.

September – EumW Show Issue

This year, Microwave Journal and Horizon House, in cooperation with the European Microwave Association (EuMA), will be expanding last year's European Microwave Week Defense Executive Forum into a full day event. The agenda will focus on security, sensing and radars with sessions that include industry and agency speakers and two separate panels. Coordinating with the theme of this special event, our September issue will take a look at the topics to be discussed in this forum with editorial from some of the participants including the keynote speaker, Barry Trimmer of Thales on the topic of "Technological Convergence Between Radar, EW and Comms Against a Reducing Budget Background". European editor, Richard Mumford will contribute a special report on the overall defense forum along with input from invited authors from within the EuMA organization.

October – Government and Military Electronics

Insurgencies, asymmetric battlefields, shifting engagements, the Arab Spring and troop draw downs in Iraq and Afghanistan are all indicative of a changing world order. In response, many governments of the developed world are reevaluating their approach to security and the defense systems they are investing in, especially in light of growing austerity pressure. Say hello to more UAVs, stealthy aircraft (and vehicles in general) and small tactical special operations (aka Navy SEALS). Say good bye to some Cold War era tactics and hardware. As security and defense needs get more nuanced for today's real and complex threats, the systems that get funded will be smart, capable and cost effective. And they will certainly use microwave technology to identify threats more clearly and communicate with other systems and their operators. In October, we look at some of the new microwave technologies being developed to counter emerging global threats. We look at some devices and systems that are suitable for spy movies and futuristic thrillers, utilizing microwave technology that would make James Bond proud. Who says defense/security systems can’t be cool? Are your company's products a part of this brave new world? Let us help you get the word out.