MBDA and ISL (the Franco-German Research Institute of St. Louis) have signed an international partnering agreement thereby extending the scope of the already existing cooperation between the two organizations. The aim of this agreement is to set up a common research framework between ISL, MBDA France and MBDA Germany.

This agreement saw the signing of two national contracts – a new contract between MBDA France and the ISL and the renewal of a previous contract signed in 2006 between MBDA Germany and the ISL. These national contracts relate to the preparation of future technologies applicable to missiles and weapons systems in the areas of aerodynamics, optronics, navigation systems, future weapons systems and warheads.

They define the structure of the cooperation with regard to information exchange, cooperative research, the development of prototypes for joint projects and the use of test facilities and the loan of equipment.

According to ISL Directors, Christian de Villemagne and Wolfgang Förster, "This rapprochement between ISL and MBDA France and Germany will result naturally in the stimulation of French and German strengths and of our respective organisations. It also contributes to the emergence of new areas of European cooperation."