Northrop Grumman Space Technology (NGST) recently presented Mini-Systems Inc. (MSI) with two of its prestigious “Gold” Supplier Awards. MSI’s Thick and Thin Film Divisions were both recognized for their high reliable product quality and reputable delivery. This is the second in a row and third in four years.

In order to achieve “Gold” Supplier status, vendors to NGST must, at a minimum, maintain 98 percent product quality and 95 percent on-time delivery. Mini-Systems' excellent quality, responsiveness and delivery performance exceeded the expectations of NGST, making MSI 1 of 57, out of 1100 vendors, to receive this award.

NGST has recently depleted some of its supplier base to utilize those providing only the very best of quality and delivery. Therefore, more of its requirements will go through those “Gold” Suppliers first.

MSI is continuously called upon to supply precision, high reliability passive components to medical, satellite, military and aerospace industries. Since 1968, MSI has been a leading manufacture of thick/thin film chip resistors, MOS capacitors, attenuators and hermetic packages.