Raytheon Co. RTN has been awarded the first competitive Public Safety Long Term Evolution (LTE) contract in the nation, as well as the first contract under the Broadband Technology Opportunities Program (BTOP), for recipients of the FCC 700 MHz Broadband Waiver.

The $8.7 M contract will provide Adams County, CO, and the adjacent Denver community, with a 15-site LTE communications system that delivers the Public Safety user access to next-generation broadband capabilities such as streaming video, remote data access and information sharing. The system will become part of the nationwide public safety LTE network that will provide broadband data services to all levels of first responders throughout the county.

"Raytheon took the time with our team up front to determine exactly what our needs were and proposed an LTE solution that was tailored to our unique situation that incorporates both public safety and critical infrastructure," said Brian Shepherd, Deputy Director, Adams County Communications Inc. "Raytheon's solution allows our 1,500 diversified users to efficiently communicate during both normal operations and emergency situations."

The 4G LTE system will be deployed over the next 21 months and is funded through an ARRA-2009 stimulus grant under the U.S. Department of Commerce BTOP, managed by the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA).

"We expect the entire state of Colorado and even the surrounding region to build upon and expand the core infrastructure that will be provided through this project," Shepherd added.

"As an industry leader, Raytheon is fully committed to providing the best solution for each customer," said William Iannacci, Director of Raytheon's Civil Communications Solutions business unit. "We teamed with IPWireless, a recognized LTE market leader and the first to produce LTE user equipment for first responders. LTE is positioned to meet both current and future regional communications objectives for first responders for years to come."

Raytheon will be responsible for system design, equipment and system configuration, project management, installation, testing and training.