The IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Symposium (IMS) attracted thousands of designers, researchers, developers, academics and executives in the microwave and RF industry to the Baltimore Convention & Exhibition Center in Baltimore, June 5-10. Based on preliminary attendance numbers, more than 8,770 participants from 54 countries attended the event. On the exhibit floor, more than 601 exhibitors spurred discussion and presented new products and technologies. In addition, much anticipated plenary speaker Professor J. David Rhodes drew a large crowd, as did the 78 technical sessions, all providing expert insight, research findings and other practical information to attendees.

“The theme ‘Microwaves for the World’ was truly appropriate this year, as attendees from around the globe brought with them unique perspectives, contributing to stimulating technical sessions, discussions and workshops,” said Jeff Pond, General Chair, IMS 2011. “The enthusiasm and impressive attendance has made this event a huge success.”

Based on initial registration data, technical registration was 2571 and exhibit-only registration numbers indicate 1882 participants. IMS 2011 attracted more than 600 exhibiting companies, a nine percent increase over the number of exhibitors in 2010. According to preliminary results, the total number of IMS 2011 participants, including exhibitor booth staff and guests, was 8770 attendees, a nine percent increase over 2010 participation.

IMS 2012 will be held June 17-22, 2012 at the Montreal Convention Center in Montreal, Canada.