Active Spectrum Inc. demonstrated the latest tunable filter technology for co-site interference mitigation in next generation cellular radio, wireless communication and radar systems at the 2011 International Microwave Symposium in Baltimore, MD.

Next generation radar and wireless communication systems have stringent requirements for transmit and receive isolation, and future Software Defined Radio (SDR) systems will operate simultaneously on many frequency bands. Interference between high power transmit radio and radar signals and low-level radio receive signals is a persistent problem in radio and cellular networks. Active Spectrum's miniature filters show unprecedented capability for isolating radio transmit and receive signals, including low insertion loss (under 1.0 dB), high RF power handling capability (50 W), and very wide tuning in the VHF radio (30 to 300 MHz), UHF radio (300 MHz to 3 GHz), cellular, and microwave frequency (2 GHz to 18 GHz) bands.