Nujira and KCB Signal Solutions have formed a formal partnership to support their growing US military customer base. The two companies intend to establish a joint entity whereby KCB Signal Solutions will develop and support a range of products to address the military communications market's need to upgrade to modern, high data rate waveforms and yet still meet the demanding size, weight and power requirements.

Tim Haynes, CEO of Nujira, said, “Interest in Nujira’s Envelope Tracking technology by the US defense sector has reached the point where a US entity is now required to fully exploit its potential. In KCB Signal Solutions, we have found a partner with in depth knowledge and expertise in microwave and RF combined with a successful track record of supplying the US military with radio components and systems for over a decade. We believe a joint venture with them creates the right channel to take Nujira Envelope Tracking technology forward in the US military sector.”

Dave McIntosh, President of KCB Signal Solutions, commented, “Envelope Tracking has enormous potential for military communications, delivering up to three times the power output for one-third of the input energy, significantly reducing the size, weight and power. With KCB Solutions’ understanding of US defense requirements and Nujira’s proven technology, we think we have a winning combination. KCB Signal Solutions will enable communications systems to embrace modern digital waveforms yet also last longer on a single charge and are lighter and easier to carry for US forces, making a contribution to their combat effectiveness.”

Nujira will license its Envelope Tracking modulator technology and Digital Pre-Distortion (DPD) technology to KCB Signal Solutions. Utilizing Nujira’s NCT-T9101 Coolteq™ Flexible Development System (FDS), KCB Signal Solutions will develop high efficiency, wideband military communication radios and systems and support their customers from its facilities in Shirley, Massachusetts.