Vectron International announced a new extended holdover crystal oscillator. The MD-023 EHXO is specifically designed to ensure accurate timing in wireless base stations. This product will be showcased in Booth 1002 at the IMS 2011.

“As more and more broadband content is being delivered over wireless networks, it is increasingly important that base stations maintain accurate frequency and phase to ensure continued service to the customer," said Alan Mond, Vice President and General Manager, Communication business unit, Vectron. “The MD-023 ensures precision timing when GPS is susceptible to urban canyon effects or intermittent jamming, where high traffic levels make network derived timing unavailable or where the external source of timing is otherwise compromised.”

The high levels of stability achieved by the MD-023 ensure that frequency and phase budgets are maintained, allowing the base station to continue to function normally even in the absence of its main timing reference. This is achieved with reduced power consumption and half the cost of traditional high stability references. By lowering the total cost of ownership associated with this level of assurance Vectron is helping its customers guarantee the highest levels of service in the wireless network.