This coaxial resonator based voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO) series includes model CRO2590A (2480 to 2700 MHz) and model CRO2935A (2850 to 3020 MHz) in S-band whereas model CRO3335A (3210 to 3451 MHz) and model CRO3617A (3515 to 3720 MHz) in C-band are all designed to meet the high data rate applications of point-to-multipoint and terrestrial radios as carrier generators. The models offer phase noise performance of  108 dBc/Hz at 10 kHz away from the carrier. The wide band models offer good tuning linearity and harmonic suppression that make them an ideal choice for demanding applications. Size: 0.50" × 0.50" × 0.22". Price: $29.95 (5 pcs min). Delivery: stock to four weeks.

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