RF Micro Devices Inc. has extended its portfolio of broadband components to include two new low power IQ modulators featuring integrated fractional-N synthesizers and voltage controlled oscillators (VCO) and will exhibit these components at IMS 2011 in Booth 1402.

The RFMD2080 and RFMD2081 are broadband devices capable of generating output frequencies from 45 to 2700 MHz. They are suitable for a wide range of applications, including satellite communications, Point-to-Point radio, software defined radio, and other wireless and wireline applications requiring QPSK/QAM modulators. The broadband nature of the components and the integration of the local oscillator offer customers a competitive combination of functionality, versatility and size.

The RFMD2080 features a baseband interface incorporating programmable filtering and gain control. Optimized for low power operation, the device has current consumption of 150 mA from a 3 V supply, allowing customers to create more environmentally friendly systems with reduced power consumption. Both the RFMD2080 and RFMD2081 are programmable using a simple 3-wire serial interface and offered in QFN 5x5 mm packages.

Alastair Upton, General Manager of RFMD's Broadband Components Business Unit, said,"RFMD's new IQ Modulator products significantly reduce implementation size and complexity, power consumption and cost for our customers. We are very pleased to offer these market-leading devices, which leverage our optimal technology matching (OTM®) strategy and highlight our 'green' approach to product development and performance."