Remcom Inc. will be highlighting its updated version of its electromagnetic simulation software during IMS 2011. Information on XFdtd® Release 7 (XF7), which includes several geometric modeling additions and new performance efficiencies, can be found in Booth 1629. The upgrade, which updates the software to Release 7.2, contains enhancements that simplify and speed overall usability:

•Additional modeling capabilities that enable more precise control over cut geometries when sketching complex models

•Simplified sampling interval settings for Frequencies of Interest (DFT)

•Simulations using averaged materials now exploit XStream® GPU acceleration technology

•XFSolver intelligently records which XStream devices are being used for simulations, allowing multiple simultaneous XStream simulations on a single machine

•Performance of Broadband Far-Zone (previously known as Transient Far-Zone) computations have been dramatically improved

•Additional efficiencies in CAD import, particularly for large models with many assemblies.

Improved performance for simulations with large amounts of steady-state field data XF7 is available in both Pro and Bio-Pro versions. Both include XStream GPU acceleration, 32- or 64-bit analysis module, geometric modeler and postprocessor, shared memory multiprocessor (MPM) at eight cores, and a comprehensive variety of 3D CAD import modules. The Bio-Pro version also includes SAR capability and high fidelity human body meshes. XFdtd users without an active Remcom Professional Support contract can upgrade to the latest version of Release 7.