Industry status as of March 2006

The SIA has released revenue numbers for January 2006 of $17.42 billion dollars (raw numbers not 3 month moving average). The January numbers are up from $17.34 billion dollars in January of 2005 and represents a 0.5 percent growth month over month.

Figure 1 illustrates the monthly revenue for the worldwide semiconductor market for 2004, 2005 and 2006.

In figure 1, the grey line represents 2004 revenue. The brown line represents 2005 revenue. Notice how all the months in Q1 and Q2 up until June have been above the same months in any previous Q1 or Q2 but June dipped below 2004 levels, July moved back slightly above 2004 levels, August and September are above 2004 levels with September showing strong growth, October showing moderating growth and November and December once again showing strong growth. The green square represents January 2006, note how it falls almost directly on top of January 2005.

Source: IC Knowledge LLC, PO Box 20, Georgetown, MA 01833,