Microwave Journal is pleased to announce that Jenn DiMarco has recently been promoted to Managing Editor. In her previous role as Staff Editor, Jenn worked closely with the industry’s MARCOM professionals, Product Managers and media relations to publish their press releases and product information in Microwave Journal magazine, online media and newsletters. She also produced “Around the Circuit,” “New Products” and “Mark Your Calendar each month as well as content for the newsletters.

With this promotion, Microwave Journal welcomes Kerri Germani, who will take over for Jenn as Staff Editor. Kerri will now be handling all of the PR submissions and cover all the products listed above that Jenn was handling. Kerri has a B.A. in Journalism, a Masters in Public Administration and brings with her a wealth of experience from her past positions in journalism, communications and public relations. You can meet both of them at MTT-S IMS in Baltimore.