Crane Aerospace & Electronics, Microwave Solutions, introduced a new, high performance flexible switch matrix system designed for satellite communications applications. The L-band switch matrix is designed to offer flexible configurations from 12x48 up to 24x192 for smaller to larger ground station installations. The matrices are configured to accommodate growth through field upgrade in future applications without having to replace the entire system.

The L-band switch matrix offers performance not achieved previously with systems of this size. With an Output 3rd Order Intercept Point of +34 dBm on the receive channel, and an Input 3rd Order Intercept Point of +43 dBm for the transmit channel, the system offers exceptional linearity. This minimizes the cross-talk and potential spurious generation, insuring that multiple simultaneous signals passing through the matrix can do so with minimal distortion. This feature would be present in lower-performance systems. Additionally, a noise figure of 25 dB on the receive system and 38 dB on the transmit system minimize the distortion of the signals.

The unit is housed in ruggedized system racks and can be custom-configured for various customer applications. Control of the unit is through a remote TCP/IP protocol or from the unit front panel for service and troubleshooting. A fully-configured BITE system can isolate faults to a user-replaceable item. Redundant, hot-swappable power supplies are also included to maximize system up-time.

“This L-band switch matrix system represents the next level of performance and integration undertaken by Microwave Solutions,” says Bob Tavares, VP Microwave Solutions. “We are now providing a system-level integration solution for our customer, and it represents the integration of our advanced technology, which is available throughout the group.”