STMicroelectronics has been given a leadership role in a new European Integrated Project – Controlling Leakage Power in NanoCMOS SoCs (CLEAN). The three-year research project, co-funded by the European Commission, aims to extend battery life and reduce the power consumed by electronics by finding solutions to controlling leakage currents in CMOS designs below 65 nm.

Within the CLEAN project, ST will manage and coordinate all of the activities of a consortium of 14 European partners, which cover a varied cross-section of the discipline (semiconductor vendors, EDA vendors, and renowned academic and research institutes), together with the appropriate mobilization of resources to guarantee the successful achievement of all of the project objectives.

The project’s results are expected to span different aspects of low leakage design, from modeling to optimization, from design solutions to design methods and tools. Thanks to the competence mix of the project partners, encouraged by the European Commission, CLEAN’s results are expected to provide great business opportunities for the advancements of the European nanoelectronics industry in different business sectors.