Microwave Journal is a media sponsor of Computer Simulation Technology’s worldwide series of free workshops that begins in Bangalore, India, on 21 March and concludes in London, UK, on 22 June. Extensive in its geographical reach, the workshop series will visit France, Spain, Poland, the Czech Republic, Portugal, Italy and Ireland as well as a number of UK venues on the European leg of the tour. Destinations in the US include Williamsburg, VA, Los Angeles, CA, St. Paul, MN, Santa Clara, CA, Bellevue, WA and Chicago, IL. In Asia the tour will visit Singapore and Malaysia and a workshop is also scheduled for Stellenbossch, South Africa.

The breakneck pace of new product launches and the highly competitive nature of today's most advanced technology are causing increased stress in design departments. Innovation, design, simulation, prototyping and certification are all being squeezed into shorter and shorter timeframes and there is a growing danger that the ‘electrical integrity’ or electromagnetic performance of a device may be compromised in a shipped product. A major aid in the process is fast and reliable electromagnetic simulation software in both the early ‘what if’ stages of design and in the later verification and certification stages. CST’s worldwide series of workshops aims to address these issues.

The company will be demonstrating how its CST STUDIO SUITE version 2011 software has become a critical tool for speeding up the design cycle and ensuring high performance and reliability at all stages. Engineers and management interested in high frequency or high data rate design are encouraged and welcome to attend these FREE events. The workshops will look at the key benefits of recent releases and how advances in high performance computing have pushed the envelope of simulation complexity and radically reduced turnaround times.

Three main application areas that will be covered include:

• Microwave and RF design with a focus on antennas and antenna placement

• Signal and power integrity in high speed circuits and how CST works with technology partners such as Cadence to create optimized workflows

• Controlling emissions and susceptibility to meet regulatory requirements

More information on locations and the local agendas can be found at: www.cst.com/ws