An Engineer’s Guide to Automated Testing of High-speed Interfaces

Jose Moreira and Hubert Werkmann

Providing a complete introduction to the state-of-the-art in high-speed digital testing with automated test equipment (ATE), An Engineer’s Guide to Automated Testing of High-speed Interfaces focuses exclusively on this increasingly important topic. The book covers all critical aspects of the subject, from high-speed digital basics, ATE instrumentation for digital applications, and test and measurement, to production testing, support instrumentation and text fixture design. It also discusses advanced ATE topics, such as multiplexing of ATE pin channels and testing of high-speed bi-directional interfaces with fly-by approaches.

After an introduction and coverage of the basics, the book explores high-speed interface standards and ATE instrumentation. The middle of the book covers in-depth tests and measurements, production testing and support instrumentation. Test fixture design and advanced ATE topics wrap up the remaining content, but there are many appendices covering additional topics that are not directly related to the test of high-speed devices. However, these topics are helpful in understanding the background of some of the test requirements and test implementations that are presented in the main book. Many of the topics that would interest the microwave engineer include bit error rate (BER), TDR/TDT, S-parameters, CAD tools, test fixture evaluation and jitter.

The target audience of this book is mainly test engineers working on design verification, characterization and production testing of multi-gigabit I/O interfaces. It does, however, provide a general overview of the challenges these test engineers face that can be helpful to chip designers and product engineers to understand how to minimize challenges using appropriate test strategies.

This book is very comprehensive and timely as high-speed interfaces are at the forefront of many of the new test systems and products under development. It is a recommended book for those involved in this area or those looking for information on the topic to learn more about how they affect systems and test equipment.

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