The industry’s first precision instrumentation amplifier designed and manufactured specifically for high temperature applications was unveiled by Analog Devices Inc. (ADI). The AD8229, 1.0-nV/√Hz high-temperature instrumentation amplifier is the only low noise instrumentation amplifier guaranteed to perform at up to 210°C in the most extreme environments, such as down-hole oil drilling, jet engines and space exploration. ADI Fellow Moshe Gerstenhaber explains how the AD8229 meets the design challenges of high-temperature environments in this video:

“The AD8229 is truly a breakthrough product for the oil exploration industry,” said Jun Liu, General Manager of Qingdao Zitn Micro-electronics Co. Ltd. “It is not a retrofit of existing components. It was designed from the start for high-temperature environments. What this means to Zitn is that we will be able to operate our equipment longer with less repair time resulting in significant savings.”