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Letter From the Publisher

Groundhog Day

Carl Sheffres, Publisher, Microwave Journal

In just over a week, I'll be joining Editors David Vye and Richard Mumford in Barcelona, Spain for the annual Mobile World Congress. This is always an enjoyable trip, as both the event and the city offer ample excitement. I'm looking forward to seeing some of you there.
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Marketing Tips & Trends

Facebook vs. LinkedIn for B2B Marketing
Amanda MacArthur,

I subscribe to the Mequoda Daily, an online publishers newsletter. Recently I read the following article, "Increasing website traffic by wasting less time on social networks that aren't right for your business model". I found it to be a good reflection of my own observations and intuition and so I'd like to share it with my fellow Waveguide readers. I could have tweeted it but according to this article, social media use among professionals still has a way to go. And since the number of my followers is much less than our Waveguide distribution list, I'll pass along this article the "old school" way. Happy reading. - David Vye
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Is Social Media Living Up to the Hype?
Patrick Hindle, Technical Editor, Microwave Journal

Many companies are jumping into the Social Media waters with Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc., but how well is it working? A survey of our RF and microwave readers showed that about 80 percent do NOT participate in social media. Wow, being a social media advocate, this number surprised me. While I still think it is a priority for companies to adopt social media as a part of their marketing efforts, this indicates that it should not be the primary channel for promotions and brand awareness.
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Upcoming Editorial & Webinars

Wrapping up Q1 2011
David Vye, Editor, Microwave Journal

The New Year has gotten off to a fast (and snowy) start for the MWJ staff. Believe it or not, we are beginning to work on the final issue (and supplement) of the first quarter and so far, the contributed editorial in 2011 has been quite impressive. Granted, our content for January, February and March was largely determined back in 2010, but the momentum of a resurging economy seems to be carrying well into this year as I look ahead.
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