Dialogic Inc., a provider of communications technologies that power advanced networks, launched a mobile backhaul optimization solution for service providers, the Dialogic® I-Gate® 4000 Session Bandwidth Optimizer Mobile Backhaul (SBO MB). The I-Gate 4000 SBO MB provides for voice and data stream optimization for 3G, 2G and enterprise traffic. Service providers can now leverage existing network infrastructure to quickly and cost-effectively double the bandwidth in the typical Radio Access Network (RAN), providing for improved customer experience as well as the ability to significantly increase the subscriber base, enhancing both short and long-term growth.

“We tested Dialogic’s solution both in the lab and in a field trial, and saw a significant bandwidth savings in our network,” said Cayetano Carbajo, Technology Director at Telefónica. “Not only were we impressed with the quality of experience, but the solution really does take bandwidth optimization to the next level. It delivers two-fold benefits -- significant cost savings and growth opportunities for new subscribers.”

Today’s demand for mobile data imposes increasing bandwidth requirements on service provider networks, mostly on the backhaul network. In order to maintain profitability, mobile operators need to minimize their backhaul network investment and operational expenditures (OPEX), all while expanding their network capacity. The I-Gate 4000 SBO MB addresses this issue by reducing OPEX through the consolidation and bandwidth optimization of voice and data traffic, thereby reducing transport requirements. By doubling throughput over existing backhaul links, the solution can also reduce capital expenditures (CAPEX) by eliminating the need to purchase additional equipment.

“Building on our thirty years of experience in providing bandwidth optimization, this solution is a natural extension of our product offering,” said Doug Sabella, President and Chief Operating Officer for Dialogic. “We understand the challenges service providers face and created an innovative, yet practical solution with service providers’ budget and time constraints in mind. We’re excited to deliver this solution to Telefonica and look forward to more successful deployments in the near future.”

As the only 1U platform to provide full redundancy for hardware, software and network failures, the I-Gate 4000 SBO MB provides high reliability for customers. It supports a wide range of traffic types and interfaces, including IP- and ATM-based iub, Abis, Native IP, VoIP, PCM signals and Pseudowire (TDM over IP). Topologies for both Microwave and Satellite transmissions are also supported, including Point-to-Point, Point-to-Multipoint, Drop & Continue, Ring and Data Offload.

Learn more about the I-Gate 4000 SBO MB at the upcoming Mobile World Congress show, February 14-17 in Barcelona, Spain, Pavilion on the Avenue - AV103, where product experts from Dialogic will be available to meet with you.