Cambridge Consultants has signed a strategic partnership with Nujira to assist its customers in deploying Nujira’s modulator technology in the defense and security sectors. The partnership will see Cambridge Consultants use its experience in the defense sector, along with its expertise in wireless technology, to help customers in this market design-in and develop products using Nujira’s Envelope Tracking modulator technology for a variety of military applications.

Nujira’s proven technology has become well established in the commercial sector for cellular network infrastructure and digital broadcasting, enabling a 50 percent reduction in base station or transmitter power consumption. As the defense sector looks to exploit more cutting-edge technology, Cambridge Consultants will be working with Nujira’s defense customers to create lower power devices and solutions incorporating the novel modulator technology.

“Nujira’s technology is at the leading edge of the commercial market, but making the adjustments for defense deployments are at an early stage,” commented Richard Traherne, Head of Wireless at Cambridge Consultants. “However, by bringing our expertise and experience in dealing specifically with security and defense customers, we can help these sectors benefit from new and extremely compelling software defined radio technology, such as Nujira’s Envelope Tracking.”

Tim Haynes, CEO of Nujira, added, “We see huge potential for our technology in the defense sector. Although the transmission environments in this market are especially challenging, we can enable a major efficiency improvement for defense communications systems. The partnership with Cambridge Consultants is going to be crucial for developing our business in this sector. Their expertise and experience will help us significantly accelerate our growth in this market.”