Lockheed Martin announced that the Lockheed Martin-Raytheon team competing for the Ground-based Midcourse Defense (GMD) Development and Sustainment Contract has received the final request for proposal from the US Missile Defense Agency (MDA). MDA issued the request for proposal December 2, with a submission due date of January 28. The contract will continue development, manufacturing, test, training, operations support and sustainment support of the GMD element of the Ballistic Missile Defense System, which protects the nation, its allies and friends against limited ballistic missile attack.

“This team is prepared and enthusiastic about our offer to support this critical national asset,” said Mathew J. Joyce, GMD Vice President and Program Manager, Lockheed Martin Space Systems Co. “Backed by proven performance and domain expertise, our bid will assure a smooth transition. The entire Lockheed Martin-Raytheon team is dedicated to a transparent partnership with the MDA and GMD program office.” Lockheed Martin will be prime contractor and systems integrator.

In addition to the GMD Exoatmospheric Kill Vehicle, Raytheon will provide systems engineering, development, modeling and simulation, operations and sustainment, manufacturing, testing and training. “Three additional companies have joined our best-of-industry team,” said Joyce. Bluespring Software will provide software tools for modeling, analysis and process improvement. Mission Solutions Engineering will provide systems engineering and software development support. Raytheon Trusted Computer Solutions will provide software support services.