AWR Corp., a leader in high frequency EDA, announced the commercial release of its 2010 Visual System Simulator™ (VSS) software. The release offers new capabilities that increase productivity for RF system designers, including time delay neural network (TDNN™) advanced amplifier behavioral models for capturing memory effects and measurement data interchange format (MDIF) model support, as well as a new phased array element for radar design engineers. Additionally, enhancements have been made to the VSS RFA™ architect tool plus new communication models and signal processing blocks have been added.

Key features in VSS 2010:

•TDNN (time delay neural network)-based models:

• New circuit-based nonlinear behavioral model for VSS that can capture memory effects in power amplifiers

• Turbo decoders:

• Support for turbo codes used in 3G/4G standards

• cdma2000, IS856, WiMAX and LTE

• Library/components that can be used for decoding of custom turbo codes

• Third party integrations:

• R&S WinIQSIM2 waveform generation software integration

• Support for all standards and variants within VSS, including export to R&S K96 for OFDM standards analysis

• MATLAB® co-simulation