Infineon Technologies has been conferred the Global Award for Supply Chain Excellence by the renowned Supply Chain Council (SCC) in recognition of outstanding contributions towards logistics process improvement. The company also received the Award for Supply Chain Operational Excellence. Both awards honor the successful reorganization of the company’s global supply chain within a period of only 18 months.

Infineon has a global supply chain encompassing hundreds of suppliers and customers. In addition, the semiconductor manufacturer faces various industry-specific challenges: short product life cycles, manufacturing lead times of several months and short-term shifts in demand.

In 2008 Infineon embarked on reorganizing the company’s entire supply chain on the basis of the SCC’s Supply Chain Operations Reference Model (SCOR model). The aim was to better the communication and coordination along the internal and external supply chain and thus to respond more flexibly to shifts in demand than the competition. The production planning is now designed as an integrated, intensely communicative process throughout Infineon’s supply chain. In the final analysis, the outcome of the increased flexibility is that more orders can be processed.

Hans Ehm, head of supply chain innovations, Infineon Technologies AG, said, “The Global Award for Supply Chain Excellence and our success in the Operational Excellence category make us proud and acknowledge our logistics achievements. Supply chain management will have an ever-increasing impact on competition – not just in the semiconductor industry – and Infineon already ranks among the best in this field.”